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Pet Adoption Myths Debunked

Your New Cat

Introducing Your New Cat ~ Helpful Hints

Cat Whiskers

Cat Body Language

Cats and Personal Hygiene

Cat Litter

Plants Poisonous to Cats

12 Plants Poisonous To Pets

How to Tell if your Pet is Ill

Obvious Signs of Illness

Choosing a Vet

Herpes and Calici - What's The Difference?

What are Coccidia?


Ear Mites

Feline Acne

Naso-Pharyngeal (Nasal Pharyngeal) Polyps in Cats

How can I protect my cat from FeLV and FIV?
Source: Dr. Jennifer Broadhurst, Jacksonville Humane Society

“Feline diabetes is NOT the natural fate of hundreds of thousands of
pet cats world-wide. It is, rather, a human-created disease that is
reaching epidemic proportions because of the highly artificial foods that we
have been feeding our feline companions for the past few decades. Without
the constant feeding of highly processed, high carbohydrate DRY foods, better
suited to cattle than cats, adult-onset feline diabetes would be a rare disease,
if it occured at all.” — Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM, JD

What Causes Diabetes In The Cat

Diets for Diabetic Cats

Feline Hi-Rise Syndrome
Source: ASPCA




Feral Vs Stray - What's the Difference?

Understanding Feral Cat Colonies: Video Series

Low Cost or Free Spay and Neuter Programs in the US

Keeping Pets Safe In Winter

Pet Holiday Safety

What Constitutes Animal Cruelty

I Rescued a Human Today

When God Created Kitty Cats

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Parallel Diseases

Safe House Plants for Pets N Kids


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